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Our work spans many industries for a reason: we love what
we do and without sounding trite and full of ourselves…we
always deliver best-in-class solutions at a cost-basis which
just isn’t fair to our competition.

Successfully brand a new government entity by merging Geospatial Service and Technology Center (GSTC) and the Remote Sensing Applications Center (RSAC) into one cohesive brand (GTAC)

  • Work with stakeholders from both departments to fully understand the complexity of merging two unique business entities.
  • Successfully integrated a brand to be used in conjunction with the USDA and US Forrest Service brands.

Develop best in class fitness apps to coincide with multiple launch dates of new fitness equipment. The RocketSource agile team worked shoulder-to-shoulder with their in-house global engineering and marketing teams to successfully launch multiple iterations of native iOS and Android fitness tracking apps for Pacemaster equipment (i.e. bikes, treadmills, rowers, and weights).

  • Created UI/UX fitness workout flowcharts for in-home, outdoor, and gym equipment scenarios
  • Designed new mobile app interfaces based upon existing Ruht fitness brand
  • Deployed cloud fitness account for combined workout history by device
  • Set up Bluetooth connectivity for adding new equipment
  • Set up Wi-Fi integration for cross-device fitness tracking
  • Developed treadmill specific app for Ruht app integration
  • Set up quick-access 5-digit code cross-device login
  • Developed multiple versions of Ruht app for Android and iOS

Communicate a complicated message to enterprise-level industries with multiple personas across global landscape

  • 7 translated languages, and dynamic customer experiences
  • User personas and dynamic customer experiences
  • Dynamic information architecture
  • Dynamic content based upon user & location
  • CMS for global delivery, dynamic content, and multi-lingual
  • Data analysis to determine customer qualification metrics
  • Customized Adwords, social, and email campaigns
  • Sales teams notifications form tagged qualified customers
  • Proxy based translation service and workflow
  • Data reporting engines to qualify usability testing
  • Global training programs for team transition

Developed an industry first IoT solution for the oil and gas industry. InfraGauge worked with RocketSource to solve a major employee safety problem in the oil and gas industry.

  • Sought to fully understand the employee usage and experience
  • Ensured all stakeholders were vested in the founders’ vision of how technology could improve the safety of each employee.
  • Created and innovated a UI/UX workflow for gauging and measuring an oil tank
  • Performed deep analysis of infrared technology and mathematical models
  • Integrated with FLIR proprietary infrared camera SDK
  • Developed custom algorithms for measuring height and width of the tank based upon distance and position of the camera
  • Solved for complications and future uncertainty of not knowing the location of the bottom of the tank
  • Collaborated with InfraGauge engineers to determine best calculation to gauge the tank based upon infrared camera view, camera position, and level of oil within the tank
  • Developed native iOS version of the InfraGauge app
  • Field tested the iOS app

Dynamic content, imagery and article based on 170 hospital locations.

  • A national campaign for 170+ member hospitals
  • Localized and national donation campaigns
  • Dynamic UI/UX campaign-specific page design
  • Dynamic content for local and national
  • Streamlined donation collection flow per page campaign
  • One of kind 170 unique home pages and URLs for each location
  • Dynamic tracking codes to effectively track the campaign results or each location
  • Training programs for team transition

Create a holistic and consistent brand worldwide for a truly omni-channel customer experience.

  • Helped them scale internal design team as they grew from $15MM in 2011 to $200MM+ in 2016
  • Branding guidelines (for all brands) for consistency and scale
  • Assets creation for print, web, trade shows, branding and retail
  • Rebranded Cellucor (their staple brand) in 2013 – Logo, design and guidelines
  • Helped launched 4 sub-brands (NEON, RoyalSport, Cavalier and FITJOY)
  • Successfully helped launched internationally across Europe, Russia, Japan and Australia
  • Maintained all brand consistency for all point of purchase retail designs (GNC, Costco, Walmart etc…)
  • Handed off the brand to internal designers for future growth and scale

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