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The Battleground for Business

The battleground for businesses today is Customer Experience (CX).
As the world has gone digital and after a fast-paced decade of
digital disruption, competition is increasingly based on the strength of your brick-to-click experiences. At the same time, customer expectations are increasingly demanding and yet are impressionably formed by their experiences across every human and digital touchpoint.

Customer Experience

Every organization should be obsessively focused on rapidly ideating on and improving upon their customer experience at every touchpoint–from brick to click and click to brick.

Digital Disruption

Change is constant and is accelerating at breakneck pace. With easier access to technology, sinking costs to get to market and immediate access to built-in audiences, companies are either being disrupted or are disrupting.

Transformation Readiness

The modern consumer–across every demographic–has gone digital. Are you managing digital disruption or is it managing you? Companies must react to disruption by accelerating their digital innovation and transformation.

Our Methodology 
For Success

Immersive CX Strategy

The Driver of Customer Experience (CX) Excellence starts with a holistic and immersive customer experience strategy–from brick to click and click to brick. With the speed at which business competes and the empowered demands of the modern consumer, product-based innovation is simply not enough. By relentlessly embedding data-driven CX insights into everything we offer, we play a strategic part in shaping our clients’ future. RocketCatalyst™ is our proprietary set of best practice solutions for companies that want to catalyze their digital (and business) transformation through CX.

Business CX Framework

The Business Story

(The "Why", Vision)

Business Model

3 P's

(People, Process, Platform)

Products & Services



Path-to-Purchase Framework

Logical Triggers

Emotional Triggers

(Past, Present, Future Exp)

Emotional Triggers

Business CX Framework

The Business Story

(The "Why", Vision)

Business Model

3 P's

(People, Process, Platform)

Products & Services




> External Stimulus

> Personalized Emotional

Logical Decision Making

> Relevancy

> Expectations

> Time vs Effort

> Trust

> Cost vs Value

> Experience


> Excitement

> Hope

> Confidence

StoryVestingTM: When Emotional and Logical
Triggers Collide

Does it Make Sense?

Brand Euphoria


No Man's Land

> Deep Cognitive Association

> Word of Mouth

> Immersive

> Product Market Fit

> Brand Equity

> Relevant

> Limited Brand Equity

> Disconnected

> Irrelevant

The Complex Purchase Journey

Creative UX/UI

Businesses will either win or lose on the battleground of holistic Customer Experience (CX). Winning this battleground means creating exceptional interfaces and frictionless experiences across the entire pathway to purchase. At every touchpoint, our experienced hybrid teams work with your teams and partners to develop engaging UX/UI solutions that roll into an integrated CX strategy.

Real-Time Interactions

Real-Time Data Loops

Simply understanding your customer’s behavior is not enough. Anticipating their expectations, preferences, behaviors, actions and trigger points is what separates the leaders from the rest of the pack. To make this a reality, real-time and predictive data loops create outstanding opportunities to drive growth.

Stack Your Growth

Modern Tech Stack

Every modern and viable business relies on technology to drive growth. From the CIO to the CMO, choosing the right set of interwoven technologies can be an enormous competitive differentiator to spark transformation across every department.

Brick-to-Click Perfection

Seamless Execution

Growth is not a one-off set of initiatives. It’s an iterative process of refining and perfecting the key CX levers from the core of your organization to the ultimate outward customer experience. And to achieve digital–and ultimately business–transformation, technology alone to support your business model is never enough. The right business and operating model, organizational structure and methodology of execution is critical and we’ll work with you to ensure flawless execution.

Customer Experience Strategy - Tactical Implementation

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